Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Best View is from a Parking Lot

ANAHEIM - Southern California is full of unique places, both natural and plastic, but there is one place made of concrete that offers the most spectacular views of Southern California.

Many people climb Mount San Gorgonio or Mount Baldy seeking the best view, but there is a place in Orange County were the views can never be beat, unless it is a dreaded smoggy day.

Just take a climb up to one of downtown Anaheim's three parking structures and you shall see in one single head-turning swoop, Santa Catalina Island, which is not quite 26 miles out to sea as a popular song would suggest, the Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Hills (if it is really clear and you focus, or perhaps squeeze your eyes hard enough, you can even see the Hollywood sign), Downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.

Yes, to the surprise of some people, Anaheim does indeed have a downtown. 

Climb atop of the concrete peaks and discover all you can see.

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