Saturday, January 25, 2014

Go To This Saturday Evening: Colleen Green at Touch Vinyl

WEST LOS ANGELES - Perhaps after visiting one or several museums on what is essentially free museum day in much of Los Angeles and Orange County, maybe you want to seem some live music. Maybe not only do you want to see live music, but perhaps you want to see something new. Well, you are in luck, because Saturday evening at 7 p.m. it is highly recommended you go see Colleen Green perform at Touch Vinyl in West L.A., right off Santa Monica Boulevard and the 405 Freeway.

Coming onto the music scene about January 2010 Ms. Green, who originally hails from the land of Oakland, has an album or two out on the Burger Record label, and she describes her musical interest as, "staring at the the ceiling and wall." Perhaps so, but the music of Ms. Green shows that lo-fi not only still exists in this current decade, but maybe if Phil Spector was not quite as crazy and kept himself out of trouble it would be easy to see the famed producer producing Ms. Green's work, which has that modern girl-group sound blended with a minimalist post-punk sound. It is not a stretch to say that maybe the tunes of Colleen Green is a modern mash of Cold Wave and No Wave.

Imagine Rough Trade Record's and now Sub-Pop's Jennifer Gentle mixed with the famed Mr. Spector 1960s girl groups sound jumping into a dance between Siglo XX, The Ramones, Lydia Lunch and The Runaways, and then you may get a little bit of a sense of who and what Colleen Green is all about. Quite frankly, such a description hardly does Ms. Green justice.

Colleen Green will be performing, along with an opening set by Jerry Rogers, at Touch Vinyl.

There are two very cool things about this, first, it is FREE, second, it is all ages!

Colleen Green and Jerry Rogers at 7 p.m.
Touch Vinyl
1646 Sawtelle Blvd. (Just about a block south of Santa Monica Blvd., and two blocks west of the 405)
Los Angeles 90025 


Ms. Green will be performing in La Luz, White Fang, and Wyatt Blair at the L.A. Art Book Fair After Party at The Church on York on February 1.

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