Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Real True Dodger Blue Fan

LOS ANGELES - We may not have a professional football team and given the way things are going that may forever be the case, but never let it be said Los Angeles has no die-hard sport fans.

In case you missed it on this past Tuesday on Twitter a true L.A. Dodger Blue fan revealed his love for the team. 

The Twitter user, who goes by the ever oh so appropriately enough name, Mr. Dodgers Baseball, or, MrDodger323, revealed an epic back Dodger's tattoo featuring Jackie Robinson, Vin Scully and what appears to be a Los Angeles Railway yellow car.

The Dodgers came so close last season to making it to the World Series, but perhaps with the love of people like MrDodger323 that will just be enough to have the next World Series at Dodger Stadium.

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