Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Quick Take: Three Fun Facts About OC

ANAHEIM - Here are three quick interesting facts about Orange County you may or may not have known.

1. The name Anaheim is a fusion of two names: Heim, which is the German and Norwegian for home, and Ana, which was short for Santa Ana River. Perhaps at the first town meeting with the German settlers and winemakers from San Francisco it may have gone like this: "There's a river over there the locals call Santa Ana. Heim. Ana. Ana. Heim. Anaheim!"

2. Ever maybe notice Balboa Boulevard in the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach kind of looks like it almost should have some kind a light rail running in the middle of the street? Well, once upon a time it actually did, the Pacific Electric ran a trolley down the middle of that street to the bay. That line was originally constructed by Los Angeles Inter-Urban Electric Railway, but PE took it over in July 1908. The railway was a big boom to the then quiet peninsula.

3. In 1933 the deadest earthquake in Southern California on record occurred, and it is commonly referred to as The Long Beach Earthquake, which resulted in 120 reported deaths. There was indeed great damage in Long Beach and Compton, but the epicenter was actually just off the coast in Newport Beach along the Newport-Inglewood Fault. This earthquake was also the most damaging earthquake in Orange County history with major damage in Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim.

 photo 1933longbeachP061.jpg
Damage to a Santa Ana building as a result of the 1933 earthquake. No copyright infringement intended; shown for historic and educational purposes only.   

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