Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh...My...GOD!!! It's RAIN!

WEATHER STATION ATOP SANTIAGO PEAK - In case you have not heard rain is falling, or will be falling shortly, across Southern California. Of course if you watch local broadcast media you have heard all about this, because on local television this is being treated like a Category 5 hurricane is about ready to make landfall in the Santa Monica Bay.

Despite the typical, and just down right baffling, over-hype of rain falling in Southern California, there are some legitimate stories concerning these storms.

If you have not heard, California is on the verge of a historic drought, which is so bad Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency earlier this year and President Barack Obama pledged aid to help California's drought. Now these series of storms will not end it, but every little bit helps. A major drought in California has not just severe ramifications in The Golden State, but throughout the nation and even the World as we are major supplier of food.

The Los Angeles Basin has been very dry, and these storms are expected to make up for that short fall.

These winter storms are also a financial boost to the local ski resorts and mountain towns, which have not seen very much snow.

Also, please remember, even though we are getting some water from the sky, to shut off your sprinkler system.

Furthermore, relax, despite all the media hype it is just rain. It typically happens this time of year.

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